Feedback welcome!!!

Hi folks! I wrote my blog as a bit of a one off and haven’t posted for a while but I keep an eye on the stats and see that most days the blog gets some veiws. On certain days there seems to be a lot of activity and I just wanted to say I would be really interested to know who you are and how you have come to be reading my story! Any comments on the blog are welcome. Thanks so much for popping by xxxxxxx


One thought on “Feedback welcome!!!

  1. I was looking for hope and some strength in trying to cope. My brother has autoimmune encephalitis and has been in hospital for almost 4 months with no recovery in sight. He continues to be agitated, unable to speak and does not respond much at all. A good day for him is when he has remained calm and that’s it. He has had all sort of mediation but nothing is stopping the antibodies ndma. My mum is 72 and each day she goes to the hospital in hope so does his wife and 2 young children. Such a horrible disease and I am so helpless


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