I was diagnosed with NMDAR Encephalitis in 2011. From the many conversation I’ve had with fellow survivors over the past three years I am yet to come across anyone else who has as detailed a memory as I do of the critical phase of the illness. For this reason I have decided to write my story, the story from my perspective. Not the story from my medical records or from family and friends experience, but what it actually felt like to go through this illness.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sophie
    I too am writing up as a mother who experienced the illness with my son this year I am in Australia and he got sick in NewYork earlier this year and we are still waiting to see how he goes over the next few months .i will be interested to read your book
    Regards Kim


    • Hi Kim, thanks for your comment. I send all my wishes for a full recovery to your son! I hope you find the blog helpful, no plans for a book as yet! Not sure my writing skills are up to that idea xxxx


  2. Hi Sophie I heard of your story through a good friend and have since read “Brain On Fire” Your experience is terrifying , inspirational and one that more people should be aware of. I wish you an ongoing recovery and nothing but health, love and happiness in your future x


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